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I have recently had a relatively long break (5-6 weeks) for the first time in five years. And I actually like it 😇 😂 My past couple of weeks has been on rewatching Friends, learning Korean, and of course, binging on Youtube. Well, I have a love-hate relationship with Youtube in particular. I used to subscribe to a wide variety of channels, which overwhelmed my newsfeed (and headspace). This pandemic has taught me that minimalism applies to headspace as well. Anyway, I spent a few nights unsubscribing and cleaning my feeds, and here are the lists of smaller channels (less than 3M subscribers) that I absolutely love (besides those that everyone loves like Tasty, ChilledCow, and Yoga with Adriene). (Why the number 7? I don't know. It popped up in my head - probably the biggest prime number smaller than 10?)

1. Tom Scott

This creator has very similar interests to me: random facts, museums, cool places, histories of technology, philosophy, etc. His videos are well scripted and always have in them at least one or two life lessons. In one of his videos, he explain the reasons for his settings, and what he should keep or change, etc, which show how much he understands his audiences. Isn’t it so cool? I also love his British accent… (but this is not the only reason)


Alright, I am a nerd for facts. This time, it is business cases. CNBC makes the absolutely best videos about companies and industries in its series “The Rise of __”. I am also a personal budget nerd so I have been enjoying their “Make It” series. It is always astonishing for me to see how well-researched their contents are. This is a must-watch if you are interested in learning about businesses, economics or just personal finance.

3. Bongo Cat

Want some funny song makeovers in the background? Watch Bongo Cat!!

4. Joshua Weissman

The most dramatic Youtuber who … cooks. I honestly have learnt a lot of cooking techniques from this guy. Although he can have a bit of Goldon Ramsay vibe, his B-roll definitely sets him apart. Really nice camera technique!

5. 해그린달 haegreendal

If you suffer from insomnia, or just regular anxiety, this is my recommendation for you. I honestly think everyone deserve a day like this Youtuber. She always takes thing very slow and enjoyable - living the moment, an attitude I am trying to adopt these days. The only problem is she doesn’t post very regularly (well, it could be why her videos are so good).

6. Tucker Budzyn

Tucker Budzyn and his owner Lisa have so much positive energy!! Tucker is a very active golden retriever who can’t stand quietness. He just has to see everything! Literally, everything!!

7. Apartment Therapy

I feel relaxed watching video tour of a nice apartment (even though as a minimalist, I personally don’t like decorating my room). I was surprised not many people know about this channel, so I will give it a free ad here (well, not many people know about my blog, either).

There are more in the list, but I promised I would stick with the number 7 (for this post). Well, now I will curl up in my blanket and be a potato and watch some more videos. Cheers!

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